I favor locally-based economic development that is centered on our farms, forests, parks,
local businesses, and educational institutions.  Increasing access to financial resources via a Green Bank and a residential P.A.C.E. program. can provide incentives for businesses to relocate to NH, and for local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.  Local investment creates a multiplier effect, benefiting the surrounding community, and increasing much needed capital resources and greater employment.  By providing well-paying jobs we will attract the young people our state needs to grow and thrive.

Minimum wage

I support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The federal minimum wage has not been
raised since 2009, and has not kept pace with inflation. According to the Economic Policy Institute,
workers making minimum wage today earn 25% less than those who made the minimum wage in 1968.

If the minimum wage had continued to grow in tandem with average productivity gains after 1968,
as it did between 1945-1968, it would have been 3 times higher by this decade: well over $20.00 per hour.
If even half of labor’s productivity gains had been retained by the labor force, the federal
minimum wage would have moved beyond $15.00 an hour years ago.


 A Sustainable Energy Economy

I promote policies that encourage the use of renewable energy. All new energy projects must:

Create jobs that pay a living wage
Enhance our nature-based tourism economy
Preserve our environmental heritage 
Utilize low impact technology
Protect and enhance locally-owned energy sector businesses 
Respect individual property rights
Utilize renewable energy


Health Care for All


It has never been so clear as it is in the midst of this pandemic that access to quality health care is a right, and that we must provide health care for all NH residents. This is not only an ethical requirement - it is also a societal necessity.  We all breathe the same air and share the same  spaces.  We must take care of each other and provide the needed resources so that all members of our society can live healthy, productive lives.